EWE Jungle 350x???

The handmade cabinets (20 pieces)(Paul Vermeulen) are custom fitted and mitered together with glue. Made of MDF, the cabinets are covered with a layer of wallpaper (Thibaut) and finished with three coats of lacquer. The cabinets have a slanted hole as handle. The legs are made from chopped wood and pickled black, every leg is unique. The cabinets are both practical and decorative. (They are not suiteable for damp areas). Price: each EUR 525,- applied art.

You can buy them at Goeds  in ZAANDAM.


The DayBed 1965/1975 original execution Knoll. Design: Mies van der Rohe.  zie: Richard Rooze

EWE Jungle 350x??

EWE Jungle 350x?